Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden Spring 2018

The Japanese Garden, named “Tranquility”, is a combination of an ancient “Hill and Pond” style garden, and a “Japanese Stroll Garden”. All four elements (air, fire, water, and earth) are represented in the garden.

  • Air is represented by the movement of the bamboo and weeping willow, and also in the way the trees are pruned to look like windswept clouds.
  • Fire is represented in the red paint on the bridge and lanterns.
  • Water is represented by the gray gravel, river rocks and water feature.
  • Earth is represented in the rocks, plants and mulch.

The use of rocks as groundcover requires little work after the initial installation. They don’t break down and add nutrients to the soil like mulch, but can work as a rain filter and help keep roots cool. We have the following examples in the Fort Bend County Japanese Garden: Mexican Beach Pebbles, Black Star Gravel, Bull Rock, and Pea Gravel.

Discover native plants of Japan and a profound feeling of inner peace as you walk the path of enlightenment. End where you began after crossing the bridge of self-reflection, representing the passage of time and the cycle of life.

Common Name Botanical Name
Asiatic Jasmine Trachelospermum asiaticum
Brodie Juniper Juniperus virginiana
Cast Iron PlantAspidistra elatior
Crape Myrtle "Red Rocket" Lagerstroemia indica
Daylily Hemerocallis
Dwarf Mondo GrassOphiopogon japonicas Nanus
Dwarf Nandina Nandina domestica nana
English Yew Taxus baccata
Giant LilyturfGiant Liriope muscari
Japanese ArdesiaArdesia japonica
Japanese Black PinePinus thunbergii
Japanese Blueberry Elaeocarpus dentatus
Japanese Flowering QuinceChaenomeles japonica
Japanese Holly Fern Cyrtomium falcatum
Japanese MapleAcer palmatum
Lily of the NileAgapanthus
LilyturfLiriope muscari
Live Oak Quercus virginiana
Loquat, Japanese PlumEriobotrya japonica
Loropetalum Loropetalum chinensis
MarlberryPinus thunbergii
Meyer Lemon Citrus meyeri
Miniature Orange Treex Citrofortunella mitis 'Peters'
Mondo GrassOphiopogon japonicas
Moses in a BoatTradescantia spathacea
Nandina Nandina domestica
Papyrus, Umbrella Sedge Cyperus alternifoluis
Pom Pom Juniper Juniperis chinensis
Sago Palm Cycus revoluta
Satsuma Citrus reticulata
Super Blue LiriopeLiriope muscari 'Super Blue'
Upright Quince "Cameo" Chaenomeles speciosa 'Cameo'
Variegated Calamondinx Citroforfunella mitis ‘Peters'
Variegated LiriopeLiriope muscari ‘variegata’
Variegated Prostrate JuniperJuniperis chinensis, J. horizontalis
Weeping FigFicus benjamina exotica
Weeping Redbud TreeCercis canadensis

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