Shady Lane Garden

Shady Lane GardenThe Shady Lane Garden showcases a collection of trees, shrubs and ground cover suitable for partial to full shade. The garden frames a walkway between two buildings providing full to partial shade. The shade loving plants receive water from rainfall and hand watering as needed.

Common NameBotanical Name
Bat Wing Coral TreeErythrina numerosa
Belinda's Dream RoseRosa 'Belinda's Dream'
Chocolate MimosaAlbizia julibrissin
Elephant EarColocasia
Mexican FeathergrassNussella tenuissima
Mexican HoneysuckleJusticia spicigera
Mexican PetuniaRuellia simplex 'Katy'
Pink SalviaSalvia coccinea
Shooting Star LilyAnthericum sandersiae
Spicy JatrophaJatropha integerrima
Yellow Bells, EsperanzaTecoma stans v. angustata
ThryallisGalphimia glauca

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