Specialty Gardens

Salvia and Pentas – Butterfly favorites

Among the many demonstration gardens maintained by Fort Bend County Master Gardeners are those designated as ‘specialty’ gardens. Although all our gardens are ‘special’, these gardens are meant to showcase a certain garden style or function.

The following gardens are found in this area:

  • A peaceful Japanese-style garden that you can walk through and reflect
  • An edible front yard garden that integrates edibles and ornamentals
  • A cottage garden to remind you of simpler times
  • A butterfly garden to attract colorful insects
  • A shady area to showcase shade and heat loving plants
  • A garden surrounding a gazebo

Why Specialty Gardens?

Roselle or Tea Hibiscus

Roselle or Tea Hibiscus

Our Master Gardeners are much like you.  We are a diverse bunch with different interests. Over the years, these gardens have evolved because Master Gardeners wanted to demonstrate how a particular kind of garden would work in Fort Bend County.

The Edible Front Yard Garden was at one time an area where ‘test’ plants were put when no one had room for them.  It was a hodgepodge of plants with no real purpose or design.  Along came a class of Master Gardeners who saw a need for a garden in which edibles were planted among the ornamental plants.  Thus was a beautiful, and instructive, garden born.

Master Gardeners strive to use plants that will thrive in our very unique climate and soil conditions while invoking a certain garden style. If you have an interest in a special kind of garden, visit our gardens and get some ideas.  We’re usually in the gardens on Wednesday mornings and second and fourth Saturday mornings.  Come chat with us.

Specialty Gardens:

The list below will take you to information about plants in each garden.

There are also three demonstration gardens that specialize in Texas gardens. You can find these under Texas Gardens and include:

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