Trial Gardens

A garden grown specifically for the purpose of testing and evaluating plants is called a trial garden. Universities, plant breeders, and garden-industry companies frequently have trial gardens, as do many private and public botanical gardens and professional garden journalists. In the classic trials model, newly developed varieties of plants are compared with the closest similar industry standard plant throughout their life cycle—from germination/propagation through maturity, from seed to harvest. By growing new varieties side-by-side with existing ones, researchers can determine whether these new varieties are indeed better, and, if so, in what respects.

FBCMG has, over the years, conducted several trials. These trials have been varied: a rose trial, a sunflower trial, a zinnia trial, a pepper trial, a grass trial and, currently, a citrus trial.

Trial gardens provide valuable information about how plants behave in our soil and climate.  The results of these trials are beneficial for all residents of Fort Bend County and other areas of the nation with similar growing conditions.

Citrus Hardiness Trial Oct. 2018The Citrus Hardiness Demonstration page will be updated as it progresses and new trials will be added.

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