Backyard Orchard

The Backyard Orchard demonstrates to homeowners the varieties of fruit trees that can be included in their landscape. The trees and other fruit-bearing plants selected are suitable for planting in Fort Bend County, and these combined specimens may provide fruit nearly year-round.

Common NameScientific Name
Austin PomegranatePunica granatum
CalamondinCitrofortunella microcarpa
Changsat #47 Citrus reticulata
Cherry of the Rio GrandeEugenia involucrate
Cocktail GrapefruitCitrus x paradise ‘cocktail’
Fuyu PersimmonDiospyros virginiana
Improved Meyer LemonCitrus x meyeri
Iranian LemonCitrus limetta
Kumquat, MeiwaFortunella crassifolia
Lemonquat, DwarfCitrus x citrofortunella
Minnie Royal Cherry, dwarfPrunus avium
Pear Acres HomePyrus
Pear BaldwinPyrus
Pear Southern KingPyrus
Pear TennosuiPyrus
Petite Negra Fig Ficus carica
Pineapple Guava Feijoa sellowiana
Plum Weeping Santa Rosa, Semi dwarfPrunus
Red Silk PomegranatePunica granatum
Rio Frio Hardy SatsumaCitrus reticulata hybrid
Rosenblum BlackberryRubus
Royal Lee Cherry, dwarfPrunus avium
Salavatski PomegranatePunica granatum
Surh Anor PomegranatePunica granatum
Ujukitsu LemonCitrus x ujukitsu
Victoria Red GrapeVitis vinifera
Wonderful PomegranatePunica granatum

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