Special Topics

Everything about gardening is special, isn’t it? But there are some topics we think many people might find extra special. Among those are:


Bluebonnets, the Texas state flower

  • Gardening with Children: Everyone is, has, or was a child so this is important to many people. Studies have also shown that gardening is good for children. Learn more from the University of Colorado’s Fact Sheet about the benefits of gardening for children.
  • Gardening for the Environment: Did you know what and how you plant can make your home more water-wise and more energy efficient? Done correctly, your garden can significantly reduce your water and electricity usage. Who wouldn’t want to save that money? Gardening for the environment also addresses the use of pesticides and herbicides in your garden.
  • Gardening for Local Wildlife: Many people want to attract birds and butterflies to their garden. However, gardening for wildlife is more than just birds and butterflies. You also want to consider how your garden impacts other pollinators, including bees and bats, and other insects and mammals.
  • Caring for Your Lawn: Most Texas homes have some semblance of a yard. Make your lawn the healthy turf your neighbors will envy by following these Simple Steps to Lawn Care.

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